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Listen and watch live talk back radio portal, gathering national and local news in Australia. 3AW, 2UE, 6PR and 4BC. 3AW’s original broadcast frequency was 1425 kHz and changed to 1280 kHz on 1 September 1935 as part of a national reshuffle of the radio broadcasting spectrum. On 23 November 1978 the station changed to 1278 kHz with the introduction of 9 kHz spacing on the AM band. Due to poor reception problems, at 7:15 a.m. on 1 May 2006 3AW swapped with its sister station Magic 1278 to its present frequency of 693 kHz.The station is now broadcasting from a transmitter in Werribee and its studios are located at Media House which is located at 655 Collins Street, Docklands, in Melbourne. 3AW shares facilities with Magic 1278 and The Age newspaper. 3AW was previously located at Bank Street, South Melbourne since 1991 until March 2010. The station is owned and operated by Fairfax Media, while the station’s format is primarily news, talk and sport. The station is considered by some to be the most vocal conservative voice in Melbourne radio.

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