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3MP began transmission 21 July 1976, as Melbourne’s seventh commercial radio station and the first new commercial station in over 40 years. The original licencees included a consortium of businessmen and media identities.Unlike other Melbourne radio stations that were based in the inner city areas, 3MP – as the callsign “MP”, which stands for Mornington Peninsula, implies – was based in the south eastern suburb of Frankston, originally in the Bayside Shopping Centre. The station broadcast on 1380 kHz (changed to 1377 kHz in 1978) from the suburb of Rowville.3MP’s initial music format, developed by the station’s first General Manager, Ray Bean, and Operations Manager, Geoff Brown, was a one-for-one mix of solid gold and current Top 40 strongly targeted at the 25-39 demographic, a less edgy version of the popular “More Music” 10-17 and 18-24 demographic format employed by #1 rated 3XY.

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