97.9 Home Radio DYMB

97.9 Home Radio DYMB97.9 Home Radio DYMB :: www.eradioportal.com

Listen to 97.9 Home Radio DYMB, 97dot9 Home Radio station first went on-air on 1998. Despite our no-DJ strategy, Home Radio 97dot9 has been the number one easy listening station since 2002.97dot9 Home Radio is the ideal music station to help all you busy bodies get through a hectic day! People from all walks of life who need to enjoy their songs with minimal clutter and chatter. Home Radio plays selected tracks from a wide music genre. From love songs, lite rock, pop and RNB. Home Radio songs allows one to feel a multitude of emotions. Our music wont put you in a bad mood or ruin your appetite. Our music wont make you bang your head or do a body slam or a somersault. Our music will stimulate your senses and put a smile on your face. As the premiere easy listening music station in Mega Manila, 97dot9 Home Radio has a branched out to give every Filipino a taste of better music programming. To date, there are a total of 8 stations set up in key cities across the Philippines.

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