A-Net Station

A-Net StationsA-Net Station :: www.anetstation.com

A non-commercial Internet radio station based in Antarctica playing a variety of music from independent artists. A NET STATION is a creative construct of George Maat. Your many letters of appreciation are warmly received. The Station has been, and continues to be an invigorating experience. Today it is a well known radio station and a popular informational and educational resource. Antarctica has been put on the map in a way no one ever expected. In that sense, we were definitely here first. The station was one of the first Web radio stations in the world, (there were only a handful at the time, most of those did not stream sound). Today there are over 50,000 and most of those still don’t play music. It’s still number one in the world for audio playback quality, and frequently among the 10 most listened to stations in the world.

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