Klasik Nasional FM

Klasik Nasional FMKlasik Nasional FM :: klasiknasional.dapat.fm

Klasik Nasional FM (formerly known as Nasional FM), merupakan gabungan dua stesen yang sedia ada di RTM iaitu Nasional FM dan Klasik FM (Dulunya dikenali RIMA), Live Radio station from Malaysia. Klasik Nasional FM is a national radio streaming live from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and formerly known as Nasional FM. Klasik Nasional FM (formerly known as Nasional FM and before that as Radio 1 and Radio Malaysia Saluran 1 (Radio Malaysia Channel 1)) is a national radio station operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia broadcasting in Malay. The main motto is Segalanya Di Sini, Menggamit Memori (Memories are Made Here).

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