KPUR AM 1440 ESPN ::

KPUR (1440 AM), branded as “1440AM The Score”, is a radio station serving the Amarillo, Texas, area with a sports radio format. This station is under ownership of Cumulus Media. KPUR was once KFDA on 1230 khz. It hit the air in 1939. after WW2 Amarillo station KGNC moved from 1440 khz to 710 khz with greater power. KFDA filed to move to the vacated 1440 raising power from 250 watts on 1230 to 5,000 watts days and 1,000 watts nights. Night used a three tower directional antenna system. Call letters changed to KPUR in the early sixties. The station was sold by the KFDA-TV (and Texas State Network interests) to Charlie Jordan it’s then manager.

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