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The station commenced broadcasting in 1992, but was derived from legendary radio station 3XY which began transmission in 1935. 3XY was Melbourne’s dominant music radio station during the 1970s and early 1980s with a Top 40 music radio format, but its fortunes declined in the late 1980s with the advent of FM radio in Australia. After losing the ratings and financial battle with FM rivals 3EON and 3FOX, the 3XY licence was bought by Sydney-based AWA Limited who also owned 2CH in Sydney. AWA shut down 3XY almost immediately upon their purchase of the licence from a Geelong-based consortium. The shutdown occurred at 1pm on 23 September 1991. 3XY’s final on air program was a one hour pre-recorded special produced by music historian Glenn A. Baker, a tribute showcasing the music of 1976 when 3XY was number one in the radio ratings. Roxanne Bennett was the last ‘live’ announcer on 3XY, finishing her shift at 12noon that day.

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