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Radio Paradise is a listener-sponsored Internet radio station that identifies itself as an “eclectic online rock radio” station. The channel differs from most FM channels and other Internet stations in that the music played is not limited to a specific genre, instead representing great variety. Radio Paradise plays different styles of pop and rock music, but occasionally other genres from jazz to classical to electronic music and world music. All of the styles are DJ-mixed, often with passages of several tracks played back-to-back (and faded between each other), chosen for their suitability or thematic relevance as opposed purely to random playlisting. Whilst Radio Paradise is a for-profit business, it does not broadcast commercials but is financially supported through donations from listeners. Radio Paradise streams are available in MP3, HE-AAC (AAC+), WMA and RealAudio in various bitrates, and can be accessed through Apple’s iTunes radio tuner service, the SHOUTcast Radio search feature in the Winamp player, the Shoutcast web site, and in the “Cool Streams” playlist built into the Amarok Media Player. It is one of the most popular stations on the Radio Roku service. Available on the Logitech Squeezebox sound system, the station is ranked as a favorite/recommended station by most of their developers and engineers.

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