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Your Home for the Classics and NPR News. Public Broadcasting Atlanta – Atlanta’s NPR and PBS Stations, WABE 90.1FM and PBA 30. WABE FM 90.1 is a radio station in Atlanta, Georgia, that is affiliated with National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Radio International (PRI). WABE’s format features mostly classical music. It has lately added the short feature Atlanta Sounds (broadcast several times a day) and twice weekly previews of weekend events around the city. Beginning in 2009, its Sunday schedule changed from devoting equal time to news programs and classical music to broadcasting news programs during the daytime and playing classical music on Sunday evenings. It carries the NPR flagship programs Morning Edition and All Things Considered, with newscasts interjected periodically. The station is licensed to the Atlanta Board of Education (hence the “ABE” in the broadcast callsign), although a non-profit umbrella corporation has been established to oversee the station’s daily operations. The station’s signal reaches practically all of the northwestern and north-central parts of the state. WABE is the dominant public radio station in metropolitan Atlanta; Georgia Public Broadcasting serves most of the remainder of the state with such programs. WABE also broadcasts the Georgia Radio Reading Service and educational programming via subcarriers on its frequency.

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