WFSU 88.9 FM

WFSU 88.9 FMWFSU 88.9 FM ::

WFSU-TV and Radio are housed together in one building near Innovation Park and the Engineering Campus of The Florida State University (map). WFSU also holds space on the 9th floor of the Capitol building, in Tallahassee, as The Florida Channel. In Panama City, WFSU is known as WFSG-TV and WFSW-FM. In total, WFSU provides two television broadcast stations (WFSU and WFSG), one cable television station (4FSU), one statewide satellite television service (The Florida Channel), four FM broadcast stations (WFSU, WFSQ WFSW, and WFSL, with repeaters in Marianna, Apalachicola and Port St. Joe), and Internet webcasting services. WFSU is a member of both PBS and NPR national networks Additionally, WFSU provides community outreach and educational services. Examples include Raising Readers and online children’s projects associated with the PBS Kids Go! brand. WFSU is also a teaching and learning lab for Florida State University students, and provides satellite and production services to local businesses.

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