WNAS 88.1 FM

WNAS 88.1 FMWNAS 88.1 FM :: www.wnas.org

WNAS Radio, 88.1 FM, or WNAS 88.1 FM has been broadcasting live from New Albany High School since May 1949, making it the first high school radio station in the nation. WNAS TV (Cable Channel 25) began in 1980 and has been televising locally produced programs 24 hours a day ever since. The staff is made up entirely of students, which makes it unique among other local media outlets. Currently, the broadcast media programs at New Albany and Floyd Central High schools have over 100 students who receive hands-on training in radio and television production and broadcasting. The student broadcasters provide listeners with news, information on community and student events, and a variety of great music on the radio and quality locally produced television programs. WNAS radio and TV keep you “up to date” with news, weather, sports, economic issues, and much more.

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