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WRLR 98.3FM is community radio. When we say community, we really mean it. We don’t belong to a large corporation that makes a profit from the station, and listeners won’t be forced to listen to large blocks of advertising. Operations at community radio stations are made possible by grants and Underwriting from companies within their area of operation and donations of funds, equipment, services and time from area residents who volunteer their time to get involved. Real people JUST LIKE YOU! Local focus, local news, local music, of the local people and by the local people! WRLR is an LPFM (low powered FM) radio outlet. LPFM stations are allowed by the FCC for areas like ours to be able to provide information that was previously unavailable. WRLR is the ONLY LPFM station in the state of Illinois that is not a religious-based entity. In addition, our programming is setting nationwide standards for quality and professionalism. It is because of the hard work of our volunteer staff that WRLR will continue to raise the bar for LPFM outlets all over the country!

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