WXLP FM 96.9 97X

WXLP FM 96.9 97XWXLP FM 96.9 97X :: www.97x.com

Listen to WXLP FM 96.9 97X, online radio station from Davenport – Iowa, USA. WXLP is a Quad Cities area commercial classic hits radio station, licensed to Moline, Illinois. The station is owned by Cumulus Media, with studios located in Davenport, Iowa (along with the co-owned KQCS, KBEA-FM, KBOB-FM and KJOC). WXLP is commonly and currently known as “97X” once again, after being known by the moniker “97 Rock” for a few years. The station’s frequency is 96.9 MHz, and broadcasts at a power of 50,000 watts.

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